Writer’s Reveal: Advertising #amwriting


Taking a break from Editing to do our Writer’s Reveal post!
We’re back into it and amazingly it’s February already!!! So this month’s writer’s reveal topic is advertising…
Generally when I see that word I run. I hate ads, particularly on TV. They rarely inspire me to buy anything and are a general waste of time. The only good thing is they give you time to do something else without missing your favourite show. This is usually important to me because I never only do one thing at a time.
However I am an author now and whether I like it or not Advertising is something I need to focus on. So I try. I use social media for the most part. I have posters, pictures and of course this blog to advertise my books. I try to do it without being annoying. This means not just posting about my books. Of course the only reason I am on social media is because I am an author. So everything I do is really about my books. It’s just not always in your face “READ MY BOOKS, BUY MY BOOKS” Although if you do that would be wonderful!!!
So if I hate ads so much what makes me think other people will buy my books from an ad??? Well I don’t actually think it works very well. However the only way to get your stuff out there is to advertise in some format. After all if no one reads your book as there any point in writing it? In my case probably because my kids will read them, but I much prefer other kids to enjoy my books too. So I advertise.
I’m not very good at it. This is my plan to improve my advertising in 2014:
• Keep blogging (have been focusing on my writing processes so far this year – really enjoy this)
• Keep helping others advertise their books – my Stitch Says Blog is for author interviews and reviews, happy to help others because I know how hard advertising is!
• Improve my webpage – yep it’s a slow working process, but I am determined to get it right!
• Keep using social media – Face book, twitter, blogs and pinterest are my favourites.
• Hand out stickers, postcards, etc whenever I can
• Do another Author event (had a book launch last year and that was awesome)

Most importantly I intend to keep learning! The only way to be more successful is to keep trying. Happy for any advice in this area…
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As always – have fun!


Writer’s Reveal December: Christmas #holidayspirit



My topic this month is Christmas!
Such a large topic. However I have two little girls who love Christmas. So I thought I’d blog about some of our family traditions that we have built over the year. These are the things that make Christmas for them:
1. The tree – always the first sign of Christmas. It goes up on Pageant day (usually the second weekend in November).

Over the years they have managed to put up more of the decorations, with only minor adjustments. Of course the really special decorations I still do, but they are the ones that we can’t replace and the girls are happy with that. I have never dog or kid proofed the tree. It goes up, all the decorations go on. The train goes around the tree and no one dog or child enters the train tracks without permission. Actually the only one who has ever gone under the tree was Obi. He however only ever removed his own presents, just to check there were enough.
2. Stories and songs – the Christmas books and music also come out around pageant day. This means lots of nights singing and reading. Their favourite songs are the Aussie Jingle Bells and Santa Claus is Coming to Town. As for books, they love anything that shows them Santa’s village Still the night before Christmas is one of their best books.
Lnl_Yellow (217)
3. Santa – we visit Santa and they ask for one special toy. They also write letters to Santa and the Elves collect them from under the tree. The Elves bring a Turkey Neck for Stitch and return a reply letter the next night. Santa fills their sacks on Christmas Eve and of course that one special present usually appears.
4. Preparing for the big day – the girls decorate the yard. I have painted Disney Christmas characters that go on a fence. They also make the front yard into a Sleigh landing area and leave Santa’s magic Key somewhere for him to find.
My girls love to bake. So we make Chocolate Marshmallow truffles, reindeer biscuits, cake pops, gingerbread (house or sleigh). The house collapsed this year, but we still got to eat the gingerbread. We basically have one day just before Christmas when we bake our hearts out and make a huge mess. They love it. The best part is I pack up all the goodies and give them to everyone for Christmas.
5. Christmas Eve – we put the Santa Sacks out, leave chocolate chip cookies for the big guy, carrots and a bucket of water for the reindeer (the girls once wanted to leave one bucket for each reindeer, but I reminded them that the dogs can share, so the reindeer could too!). Finally before going to bed we read The Night Before Christmas and then it is time for sleep!
6. Christmas day – an absolute whirl of excitement. My girls get excited over the littlest things, so this day is just pure overload and it is fantastic. They love every second. We generally spend the day with family, but it is them moments when the four of us are together (with the dogs of course) that are always the best.
This year we will have our little Chewbacca for the first time. We are also looking after Stitch’s brother Tug. So the dogs will also have a great day. It’s going to be a lot of fun. There is still lots to do and a little fuzz ball to collect!!!! Before everyone gets too hectic and wrapped up in Christmas fun I’d like to say a big Merry Christmas and Good on ya Mates to all!!!!

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while you’re doing that put on some Christmas songs and have fun!

Writer’s Reveal: Dog of a Day #writersreveal



My Writers Reveal prompt for this month comes from J.C Wolfe, here it is:
“If my dog could talk for a day…”
What do you mean if??? Stitch can talk; it’s getting him to stop that is the problem.

I have taken this a bit differently. This is an account I wrote when Stitch first appeared on the scene. as we get closer to Christmas and our new puppy comes home I would like to remind Stitch of what he did to Obi!

Lnl_Yellow (217)

It is a day according to Obi:

Early morning: Wake up to blurry yellow thing bouncing in my face. Attempt to ignore Puppy by nesting further into beanbag. Feel ear being chewed. Decide to wake Humans to deal with Puppy. Thrown outside with Puppy. Wait patiently at door for small human, who I have trained to let me back in.
Morning: Small human opens door, lets Puppy in too. Wake up Humans by jumping on them and licking face. Get thrown outside, with breakfast and Puppy. Marginal improvement.
Mid Morning: Subtly instruct Human to take me for a walk by throwing collar at them. Works. No puppy, dawdle through shade, enjoying not having ears pulled. Find perfect blade of grass. Watch Human clean up. Find second perfect blade of grass, watch Human clean up again.
Return home, find box to sleep while Puppy taken around the block. Saviour the peace, snooze.
Mid day: Puppy has woken up. Watch Puppy dig hole to bury newest toy. Sit with paw near hole to point it out to humans. Hide in box to watch Puppy being told off. Puppy hides in box. Get out to show Humans where he is hiding.
Lunch: Watch Puppy devour bowl of food. Enjoy chewing on a biscuit. Attempt to sleep as Puppy continues to lick empty bowl. Try to explain bowl does not produce food. Puppy keeps trying. Bury head under blanket to avoid noise.
Afternoon: Feel energetic. Find Puppy’s newest toy. Run away with it. Turn Puppy inside out as he tries to get toy. Play tug-o-war. Stand still while Puppy pulls himself off his feet. Let him win a round. Decide to end game. Flick head, rip toy from Puppy. Hide toy. Sleep.
Late afternoon: Wake up to find Puppy still using me as a pillow. Move away from Puppy, start asking for dinner. Human finally gets hint. Sit and wait to eat. Watch Puppy trying to get at bowl. Eat when told. Get cuddle from Human as Puppy continues to lick empty bowl.
Evening: Let inside for evening snooze. Curl up on Toddler couch. Puppy using me as pillow again. Snort, move to other couch. Puppy follows. Play musical beds til Puppy finally goes to sleep. Attempt to sleep as Puppy has rather loud dream. Move to another room when Puppy starts barking in sleep.
Night: Taken outside by Human before long sleep. Sniff the plants. Find perfect blade of grass. Trot back to house. Curl up on dog bed with Puppy. Snooze as Puppy finally goes to sleep. Carefully remove self from under puppy. Quietly nest in bean bag. Sleep.

Lnl_Yellow (232)

I must say Obi had a way with words – I miss that boy. We are getting a new puppy soon for Stitch I wonder if his day will be different? Only time will tell! Whatever happens it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Lnl_Yellow (234)

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Until next time – have fun!

Writer’s Reveal – Defining Success #amwriting



Thanks Becky for such an amazing topic. Let’s see if I can work out how I would define success. I guess it depends on the area of your life. As this is a writing blog I will start there. So is success being a best seller? Getting published? Earning royalties? I don’t think they define success. Certainly all that would be amazing. However to me the first time I defined success as an author was when I actually completed my first draft of a children’s novel. I was doing a writing course and the assignment was to write a chapter book. On a camping trip I managed to scratch together a draft of Ghostnapped! This later became my first published novel. However the draft I handed into my tutor and the book that you can purchase now are almost two different stories. It was that completion point that I would say was my first success. However holding the book in print and seeing my name on the cover was certainly a new level of success.


As was looking at my royalty report and realising I have sold over 700 copies. All of that is good, but it doesn’t really define success. I am very proud of having my first book published. I would certainly say I feel more successful now as an author with three books to my name and a handful of stories in various anthologies (again thanks Becky).
All of that is great, but I define my success as an author by three occasions:
1. The first time I was told by a parent their child refused to turn out the lights until they had finished reading my book (have been told this a few times since too!)
2. When the first child asked “When is your next book out?”


And the most important
3. When my own girls request we read my stories!
So I guess as an author I define success by having people enjoy reading my books. So naturally if more children read and enjoy my books I will be more successful. However because this has happened I have achieved success.
What’s that old saying success breeds success – well I guess it’s addictive that way. I really want more children to enjoy my books and to have more books for them to enjoy.

What about other aspects of life?
Work – well I certainly define success at my work by the engagement of the young people we work with. The mere fact that these at risk youth turn up every week and experience success themselves defines mine.
Home – I have a husband and two healthy, happy, bright girls. They are inquisitive, creative and love to do everything. I also have Stitch – who is a highly trained Labrador. He’s part of the whole success thing and certainly part of the family. We are not perfect and have plenty of arguments, but I couldn’t and wouldn’t ask for anything else. So yes I would say as a family we are successful.
In terms of work, home and writing I would say I have achieved success. That doesn’t mean I don’t have dreams or goals left to achieve. Exactly the opposite in fact. People often remark “How do you find the time?” Well simply because it’s who I am. I thrive on success, yes we all have our disappointments, but it’s the highs that drive me.
So have I actually defined success? Not really sure, let’s have a go:
To me success is achieving a goal that leads to another goal, which once achieved leads to another….
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Until next time – have fun!

Writer’s Reveal #amwriting



It’s that time again – writer’s reveal. My topic comes from http://www.alwaysjosefa.com/
If you could immerse yourself inside any book you have ever read and become part of the pages and the words, which book would it be and what character would you be?


Wow that’s quite a topic. There are so many characters to choose from. However I think if I was going to choose just one it would have to be Alice. What a great way to spend a day, in wonderland. Where there is hedgehog polo, with the flamingoes – actually I couldn’t do that, flamingoes and hedgehogs are very cool animals. Still the mad tea party would be fun and of course there is always the chance to lose your head.
I would chase the White Rabbit, knowing I would be too late. Argue with the smoking caterpillar, while choking no doubt. It would be quite an argument, after all I am me and there is no one else quite like me….

It would also be cool to sneak Stitch (my dog) down the rabbit hole. Well he would chase me anyway. My boy is my faithful companion in any adventure. What a mess of Wonderland he would make. Chasing rabbits, trying to catch that disappearing Cheshire Cat and of course he always tells the truth. Stitch would be the perfect witness in any case. It would be a lot of fun.
In actual fact I may need to create the wonderland in my back yard next year for the little Smudge’s birthday. It’s only fair we had Neverland this year, so Wonderland next… I could of course have chosen Tinkerbell and battled the pirates. Still I think Captain Hook would be more fun, until that pesky crocodile shows up. Who would you be???

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Until next time – have fun!

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