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I love the zoo – so do my superhero kids. We go fairly often and it never gets boring. There is always something new that makes life interesting. Today however we also had a mission. I am setting up my chapter book for March. Yep getting in early. I may even be writing the sequel by March – that would be awesome. Not going to get ahead of myself lots can happen between now and then. Anyway it is the first in my super hero series. Book one of The Lighting Lilly and Princess Seea Chronicles. Tentatively called The Great Zoo Heist. So today we were doing some research about which animals may appear.

The Meerkats always get a look in – they are so cheeky. Pretty sure there can be some fun between these little guys and Super Stitch.

2013-12-29 10.25.20

This goat just made me laugh…. May well get a gig somewhere. Sure there is room for a fat goat…

2013-12-29 12.38.28

Otters need to be in the story. They are my favourite and I have also already written a chapter about them for the SuperHERo Tales.

2013-12-29 13.50.03

Pretty sure there is room for a giraffe or two – they make pretty good lookouts for my two super heroes.

2013-12-29 10.22.31-1

I may need to do another zoo story at some stage… What animals would you like to see???

Love these days so much fun. The best bit was my girls when they came home they put on their superhero capes and rescued all the zoo animals. Lots of material there, solid gold stuff. Need to get my notebook out! Until next time – have fun!

Superhero Sunday #ChaBooCha #CAFSC

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I don’t normally blog on the weekend, quite simply because I don’t get time. However after soccer, swimming and superhero sunday the kids are quite happily watching their favourite superhero – Kim Possible. so that gives me a minute before I need to organise the week ahead. I recently enjoyed putting in two flash fiction fairy tales for the Chapter Book Challenge anthology (ChaBooCha) so I have decided to have a go at this one:
so the challenge is to create a female super hero and write a flash fiction piece about them. Today I thought I woudl get my little super heroes involved. My girls took this challenge in their usual whirlwind style. They dressed up and ran around the house. When I caught them I asked what their super powers were. This is their response:
Superhero 1
She’s lightening Lilly
She can run faster than the whole universe and rescues people and animals in trouble. By day she’s a vet with super healing powers!

superhero 2
Shes’ Princess Seea
She has a sidekick – he’s Super Stitch! Together they can fly and save people and puppies from danger. Princess Seea can see danger from everywhere and she can dance baddies into a cyclone, capturing them!


They are helped my their whizz in the control room – Sir Obi (yep of course both dogs are there). He monitors the computers to see when anyone is in trouble and sends out the girls to save the day.

So there you have it! Superhero Sunday has given me a pretty good start to my story. Now I need a villain for them! Mmmm lots coming to mind. Until next time – have fun!

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