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Hi everyone my author and Stitch Says blogs now have a new home!!!!

Here you can find everything. It’s still a working process, but all the blogs and comments are there. You can link to other social media and still enjoy my blogs!

Author Ashley Howland

Author Ashley Howland

Thank you for joining me here – I look forward to seeing everyone commenting on my new site. As always have fun!


2013 Blogathon no.24: Stitch Says #blog2013 #interviews #reviews

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Today I thought I’d plug my other blog. Well in actual fact it’s a blog for other people, I just run it. My Stitch Says blog is set up for author interviews and reviews. I am happy to help promote other authors. In return I would like people to do the same for me, but that doesn’t always happen. Still check out my interviews and reviews at:

I named this blog after my little man Stitch. Simply because he’s my reading buddy. If I am reading a book Stitch is there. He lies on my feet. I can honestly say he loves it when I am reading a good book because I read for longer and he gets to stay on the bed!

I am opening up my Stitch Says blog for the rest of the year. I have a few spots booked, but there are some available. So if you would like an interview or a review (or both) email me at or message me here. Would love to have some other reviews on my three books and interviews or guest posts too. I am also extending this to other bloggers out there. Let’s help each other I will happily post a positive and friendly guest blog on my Stitch Says site. So email me, let’s get busy promoting each other. Just to play a bit of the number game. All my social media are linked. So I reach about 1000 people with one post (obviously that’s across media and some are probably getting a double or triple whammy = special thanks to those!). So email me and let the fun begin.

Just as a note Stitch’s head would not fit in that chair anymore… still my Little Man though! Until tomorrow – have fun!

Blog number 200 #amreading #amwriting


Wow 200 blogs!!! Does that make be a serious blogger??? I kind of feel like it’s a habit now at least. I also run my work blog for Labs ‘n Life and of course the Stitch Says blog for interviews and reviews. So between the three I pretty much blog every day. having said that I was going to launch my next book on blog 200, but the cover isn’t ready yet. I couldn’t wait so will have the launch soon. At the moment I am reading, reading and reading. I am doing lots of reviews. I have written one today and started the next book. I am still reading one other so busy! Which as you all know is nothing new to me. Reviewing can be fun, it can also be difficult. For example if you read something and you think well it’s okay, but I’m not convinced. This happens occasionally. Sometimes it’s the opposite where your read something and completely love it. Either way it can be quite difficult to write a review. It’s the same when your book is being reviewed. What if they hate it??? Well I simply believe in being tactful and looking for the positives. Even though you may not have loved the story, there may be things that others would like. So it’s important to write about the good points. In a private constructive way you could chat with the author if it was really important. I just think we all have our styles and some people will like yours better than others. It’s about taking the constructive comments and improving yourself. having said that I have a few people currently reviewing Ghostnapped and Obi the Super Puppy and the Mystery of the Red Mist. I hope they like it!!!

I am also in the middle of writing student reports – always a great energy sapper. Certainly can require a lot of creative writing and constructing feedback. Very similar to reviewing in some ways. I should rephrase the opening line here. I am currently avoiding writing reports by blogging! Well I’d better get back to it, no matter how hard I try these things will not write themselves. Seeing as how it is my 200th blog I will leave you with a picture of my favourite characters….. Obi and Stitch of course.
2013-03-02 09.10.48
Until next time – have fun!

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