2013 Blogathon no. 19: Charms #amwriting

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I am participating in the Crock of Charms project:
My girls wanted me to do the dolphin charm.
We are hoping to go on a family holiday at the end of the year and swim with dolphins so I thought this was their influence. Alas my girls are full of surprises. Their motivation for the dolphin charm was that I could write a cool pirate story… My girls love pirates, I guess because they have had Peter Pan read to them plenty of times. They just love the whole pirate thing. My eldest even dressed up as a pirate at her Neverland party and for the school book week parade. My little one, well she wants to be a princess pirate! So now I am writing a flash fiction piece about a dolphin charm and a pirate adventure. Wish me luck. Until tomorrow – have fun!

2013 Blogathon no:12 My editing buddies #amediting #blog2013 #CAFSC



My little super heroes are great at providing me with an endless source of writing material. However they are not so patient on the actual publishing front. They don’t understand why I can’t just produce more published books. So I am hoping that my recent involvement in the Chapter book challenge anthology will give them some extra enjoyment. In the mean time I have decided they can be more involved in the whole writing process. last night I read Super hero Flash Fiction piece to them. Seriously they can pick holes in anything. They didn’t find much wrong and they laughed a lot. Not that I always try to write humour it’s just how my work ends up. It’s also a great way of writing more serious topic for kid, if there is humour your themes can be more advanced. Back to my editing. Their only complaint was it’s too short. Well it fits in the flash fiction word count. Cleary they want the whole story… Give me time!
Still reading aloud is a great way to start editing I found a few errors that I fixed up. Overall they enjoyed it and I think it read pretty well. So Lightning Lilly and Princess Seea in the Great Otter rescue is almost ready to post and enter! I am just waiting on my illustrations to be scanned so I can put them in. Of course our scanner didn’t work yesterday, so this will have to get done today.
Which means tonight I can start reading them my chapter book that must be edited (preferably this month). Is it child labour to use them this way??? Guess not if they enjoy it. So now my kids are my material, review writers, assistant illustrators and my editing buddies. All that and they don’t even ask for their pocket-money! Until next time – have fun!

Blogathon no 2 Superhero Sunday part 2 #blog 2013 #CAFSC

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My favourite day if the week, superhero Sunday. So my six year old has written her story about Lightning Lilly, Princess Seea, Super Stitch and Captain Obi. In her story Lightning Lilly rescues a baby giraffe from a fire, it’s pretty cool actually. My big girl lives to come up with stories, we have scrapbooks full of them. Next will be a story about Princess Seea for my four year old. Then maybe my flash fiction piece will get done. Although I now have so many ideas this will become a chapter book. I need another chapter book challenge. Hopefully tonight I will get to read some other posts, until tomorrow have fun.

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