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Today I thought I’d share the Anthologies I have been privileged enough to have stories in:

The first is Teapot Tales:
This is a great collection of really unusual fairy tales. My stories were inspired by my girls. The first is Snow White and the Pirates… Many of you may remember my now 6-year-old had this inspiration as her fifth birthday cake – Snow White and the seven smurfs on a pirate ship:
Snow White and the 7 smurfs on a Pirate Ship
Naturally this had to become a story – I am actually thinking about extending it into a chapter book?
My second story in this anthology is a twist on Rumpelstiltskin… I love that fairy tale, but what if it went wrong?

The second Anthology is Jingle Bells Tales of the Holiday Spirit:

This is a great collection for this time in the year, my girls are really enjoying listening to the stories. My two stories are lots of fun. The first is an episode (if you like) from Maddy and Aijay’s Magical Adventures. This time with Stitch and their fairy friend Fidget they travel to their magical land in search of Santa’s naughty or nice list….
M and A

The second is a Lightning Lilly and Princess Seea Adventure. This time Captain Obi sends the super girls and super Stitch to the North Pole. Rudolph has gone missing and it’s a foggy Christmas Eve… Will they find him in time???
stitch color

The final anthology from the Chapter Book Challenge (Chaboocha) is the SuperHERo Tales:
Cover_final by Julia Lela Stilchen ebook
This anthology was inspired by the need to have more empowering female superheros. It was actually the anthology that lead me to develop Lightning Lilly and Princess Seea. My girls helped me and they designed the perfect super hero versions of themselves. So much fun had here. This will become a chapter book series… just need to get time to write, but the ideas are endless. In this adventure they discover their favourite animals – otters have been stolen from the zoo.
Captain Obi
Princess Seea and Super Stitch
Lightning Lilly

All of these anthologies are available on amazon… If you are local to me and want a copy please contact me.

The final Anthology for the year is the Charms Volume 1: This was so much fun. My charm was the dolphin and once again it is a story that will be included in Maddy and Aijay’s Magical Adventures. It has everything from fairies to pirates. I really enjoyed this one.
I have some copies of this one for sale, contact me if you are interested.

These anthologies were a new thing to me this year, but so much fun. I have always been a team player so it was great to write as a team member…. I look forward to completing more of these next year. I even have a cool idea for a couple myself. More on that in the new year. Until next time – have fun!

Kids and dogs #amwriting

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what was that saying??? Something about never work with kids and animals… Mmmmm think I lost the memo. What about never live with them??? Just kidding I wouldn’t survive without my girls or Stitch, although it would be a lot quieter! Any way not to get sidetracked. I have blogged before about writing with my girls. It’s so much fun. They love to make scrapbooks of all their stories and of course take them to school. The teachers possibly get sick of them, but hey I was there once… Anyway last night while they were all sleeping I found this from the lovely Becky:
I instantly signed my two up and chose the dog for Munchkin (6) and the paw print for Smudgekin (5). They were over the moon this morning. In fact I had trouble getting them ready for school because the stories ideas were exploding out of their brains at a million miles an hour. Once they were dressed they sat down and began. Munchkin has already written two pages of a dog pirate story, staring Obi, Stitch and of course the two of them. Smudgekin took a different route, she began to draw all the animals with paws that Stitch could meet in her adventure!

Funny to watch and so exciting for them. Of all the thinks I have ever done, even more than publishing my own stories I am most proud of my girls. They love this sort of activity. It is a great thing we can share now and I hope it continues into the future. No doubt there will be more writing when they get home! Until next time – have fun!

Smarter than the Average Wolf – I hope! #amwriting

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I decided to enter into the Keepsakes Anthology run by Sally Odgers. So far I have had a lot of fun with these anthologies. Completing two fairy tales with the Chapter book Challenge – that are now published in Teapot Tales – A Collection of Unique Fairy Tales, My charms piece for The Crock of Charms project and my Female Super Hero story. so all in all I will have another four stories published. Which is really cool. What’s better is the charms and the super hero stories are actually chapters from two series I am writing. So I am actually ahead. Which I like a lot. Anyway back to the Keepsakes. This was a little different – its longer for one thing and it’s for adults. Which can be a stretch for me. Although adults tend to like my kids books. Still I am up for the challenge. I chose the Wolf Keepsake.


Why? Well I like dogs. I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to write a story about a wolf. I had visions of werewolves, wild animals hunting people and a domestic dog joining a wolf pack (may still write that one), but none of these stories felt right. Then I had a brain explosion. Why would it have to be a real wolf? Why couldn’t it be a mascot wolf… Sport is something I love so I’m sure I could write a piece about a team called the wolves. I began writing The Year of the Wolves last night – a volleyball adventure. Packed with action, suspense and lots of sweat. Then my brain exploded again. What if the volleyball game was actually an analogy of a wolf pack fighting for survival???? Of course my husband thought I was crazy (well he often thinks that so no different there), but I am hooked on the idea. I just hope I am smart enough to pull it off…. Wish me luck! Until next time – have fun!

Writing Life #amwriting

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My next character - Stitch!

My next character – Stitch!

So what’s your writing life like? Mine is spasmodic, which can be painful. I don;t have a regular schedule. As much as I know that would help it just hasn’t really been possible. However this year I have been determined to use my time for me. Which means not working on my days off (hahahahahahaha), okay not doing as much work on my days off. It also means putting my butt on the chair and focusing on the task at hand. So far I have entered three flash fiction stories for anthologies, editing a fourth, completed draft one of a chapter book and am now editing it. I am also editing my longer youth fiction novel and of course I have had The Homework Goblin published. So by the end of the year I should have stories in three anthologies and my three published books. Hopefully also my sequel to Obi submitted for publishing. That’s not a bad haul considering this is a hobby. Of course there is other time required for my writing hobby. Marketing takes up lots of time. It is also really difficult to gauge what actually works. No one really seems to have an answer to that. So I will keep plodding along. Of course I want to sell more of my books, it will help greatly when getting the next ones published. That’s not the only reason though. I really want kids reading my books. Tonight I sent my girls down to their rooms to choose a book each for story time and they both came back with their copies of The Homework Goblin… there is no greater compliment, my girls are one of the reasons I write. They love my stories, so hopefully other kids will too.
My focus on the second half of the year is to get more organised and to produce more stories that are close to being submitted. I also hope to have a few projects up and running soon. So watch this space. Would love to hear how other authors organise their writing life… Until next time – have fun!

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