Writer’s Reveal: Advertising #amwriting


Taking a break from Editing to do our Writer’s Reveal post!
We’re back into it and amazingly it’s February already!!! So this month’s writer’s reveal topic is advertising…
Generally when I see that word I run. I hate ads, particularly on TV. They rarely inspire me to buy anything and are a general waste of time. The only good thing is they give you time to do something else without missing your favourite show. This is usually important to me because I never only do one thing at a time.
However I am an author now and whether I like it or not Advertising is something I need to focus on. So I try. I use social media for the most part. I have posters, pictures and of course this blog to advertise my books. I try to do it without being annoying. This means not just posting about my books. Of course the only reason I am on social media is because I am an author. So everything I do is really about my books. It’s just not always in your face “READ MY BOOKS, BUY MY BOOKS” Although if you do that would be wonderful!!!
So if I hate ads so much what makes me think other people will buy my books from an ad??? Well I don’t actually think it works very well. However the only way to get your stuff out there is to advertise in some format. After all if no one reads your book as there any point in writing it? In my case probably because my kids will read them, but I much prefer other kids to enjoy my books too. So I advertise.
I’m not very good at it. This is my plan to improve my advertising in 2014:
• Keep blogging (have been focusing on my writing processes so far this year – really enjoy this)
• Keep helping others advertise their books – my Stitch Says Blog is for author interviews and reviews, happy to help others because I know how hard advertising is!
• Improve my webpage – yep it’s a slow working process, but I am determined to get it right!
• Keep using social media – Face book, twitter, blogs and pinterest are my favourites.
• Hand out stickers, postcards, etc whenever I can
• Do another Author event (had a book launch last year and that was awesome)

Most importantly I intend to keep learning! The only way to be more successful is to keep trying. Happy for any advice in this area…
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As always – have fun!


Day 24: Roll up, Roll up and…


If your goal is to sell books, you must view your book as a business. In what ways do you treat your book as a business? Where could you improve? What resources could you leverage to improve your book business?

As an author I want people to read my books, there is no point in writing if no one is reading. So everyone, jump on line and buy my books!



Okay so that was a gretuitious plug. Did it work????? Anyway do I treat my books as a business? Not really sure how to answer this one, in one sense yes. I certainly don’t give away my books. Although I might for a competition or for a promotion, where the result is that I sell more books. I haven’t given them away as birthday presents or anything like that. Much to the dissatisfaction of some people, who seem to think I should do this. There are some costs involved in publishing a book, even when you use a publisher. I’m also not going to spend thousands of dollars promoting and marketing my book That would be pointless, there is no way I will spend more than I have the potential to make. In that sense it is a business, where sensible business decisions need to be made.

Recently I sent a copy of each of my books into the Premier’s Reading Challenge here in South Australia. Now those two copies will hopefully end up as a donation. A donation that should result in lots of schools buying my books. That’s if they are accepted of course. So that type of thing makes sense to me.

I think the difficulty in thinking of your own books as a business is the emotional energy that goes into each and every word you write. The time, the patience, the criticism that you take to produce a book, make it more than just a business. It is part of you. SO maybe I just need to reduce the attachment and find more sales techniques. I really don’t know, I write because I need to. I have my books published because people enjoy them, I market so more people can enjoy them. I make connections and links to improve myself as an author, but also in marketing. There is still so much to learn. However for now, let’s just add one more sales pitch:


Roll Up, Roll up and buy my books, your kids, your neighbour’s kids, and you will love to escape into the mysteries of Ghostnapped and Obi the Super Puppy and the Mystery of the Red Mist.

And now for the compulsory picture of my beautiful boy – as if you wouldn’t want to buy this face!

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