Everything is in place. Put you butt down on a chair and write… that’s the only way to get it done. For me at this stage there is only one rule:

This is so true. Editing as you go is just a way of procrastinating – almost as bad as watching your dog…

Get the first draft down, from the beginning to the bitter end. Even if each chapter is not fully complete – it could be what I call a skeleton draft. It’s still there and then it can be improved.

This is the first thing I learnt when I did a writing course. I actually had to complete stories, because they were assignments. They didn’t have to be good, they just had to be done. I love this phase. Just sitting and writing is awesome. No one can tell you its horrible, no one can give you ideas. It’s just you and your computer. You can do it any where. I love sitting outside in the fresh air, but this is not always possible. When I am at the is phase I have been known to take my computer every where. I have stolen minutes at lunch time (yes even with kids and dogs around me), written in gymnastic halls, in my car while waiting for kids and so many other places. When ever, where ever I can get a minute or two.

Where are your favourite places to write?

I guess the final piece of advice I would give you at this stage is to as always have fun!!!!