We have our characters, our setting. Now we need….. a plot! Well it is kind of important. Sometimes it all just comes together and you write. Just sit with the computer and clack away with complete certainty your work will flow. That’s fantastic. Other times you get distracted by the weirdest things:


Yep that is often me. What do I do then? I start a plot sketch. That’s what I call it. Sometimes its a few words for each chapter, a basic plan to follow. Sometimes it’s just a list of ideas. Sometimes I do research and jot down a plan from there.

Planning is not always important, but I find plans come in handy later. When you have a draft half written it’s good to look back and see where you though the story would go. It may have changed and the old plan may add to the story. So I recommend watching the dog less ( there I said it…) and getting a notebook! Do some planning, have some fun and see where it takes you. Until next time – have fun!