We have our villain. Now we need our hero. Someone who will stop at nothing to save the day… Any volunteers????

Lnl_Yellow (232)

Thanks Obi and of course a very little Stitch learning from his hero. Obi was the perfect hero. He was creative, intelligent, athletic, inquisitive and would stop at nothing. All good things. Did he have a weakness??? I guess all heroes need some sort of weakness to overcome. In Stitch’s case it would be his sooky nature, he is very cautious – which can also be a good thing. Obi however if he had a weakness I would say it was doing first, thinking later. A trait I am seeing in the young Chewbacca here!

Some interesting things to think about when creating a hero. Make sure they have their own battles too. It gives your readers a chance to relate. Which means they could achieve some of these amazing things too. Always good if the reader can feel heroic too!

Heroes can come in any shape or form. The limit is of course your imagination. That means there is no limit!!! Go forth and create the perfect hero! Love to see what you come up with – have fun!