I love a good villain… I know its strange, but they have always appealed to me. My favourite ever was Captain Hook. There is so much to this character. In a way I think you can do more with villains. There has to be a reason they went bad, no one is really born that way. The reasons for their actions are what gives your villain strength, personality and in a way likability. Yes your villain can be likable. They don’t need to be, but this makes them engaging.


I am currently creating the villain for my super hero series. I already have my super team, but they need someone and arch nemesis to go up against. A Dr who has gone loopy and wants to control the world. World domination is always a good theme, so may ways you could try to achieve that. This character needs to be scary, dangerous, smart and just a little bit zany. It is a kids book after all and my super heroes are kids. It’s a working process, but one that is very enjoyable.

Princess Seea and Super Stitch

When I create villains I start with the motive. The monster in Ghostnapped was driven by local environmental factors. The Homework Goblin, well he just wanted to make sure Jason deserved his grade. So this one, well I’m still working on that. This blog has given me some ideas. So while I write-up my profile why don’t you have a go as well! Remember the key to all character development… have fun!