It’s taken me three days to get to my blog… Okay I’ve had a busy start to the year. Trying to get organise. I have been writing though. I am working on my webpage. It is my hope to release my new interactive author page by the beginning of February! So watch this space. I am also editing two books… Lots to do, going to submit them for professional editing by the end of the month. Very exciting. Tonight I am going to work on some anthology pieces and get organised for this challenge:


You can join in the fun at:

What better way to start the writing year than with a challenge. Can’t wait to get started!

So do you have resolutions for 2014??? I prefer to think in terms of goals. I am a positive person and like to challenge myself…


My writing goals are:
1. have at least two novels (Chapter books) self published
2. Sell more of all my books
3. Participate in at least three anthologies
4. Keep promoting other authors – Stitch Says Blog
5. Have at least two more chapter books edited by the end of the year!

Big year ahead. That’s just writing. What about personal goals???
There is always the desire to be fitter and healthier. I have made a pretty good start to the year in that regards. However my big goal for the year is to keep positive influences… That means cutting out negative influences! Basically my goal for 2014 is to:


Love getting stuck right in there, lots of cool things happening on my blogs! Hope you can all join me for the excitement. What about your goals??? Challenges??? Ideas for staying positive??? Love to hear your ideas…

As always have fun!!!!!