I love Christmas – everything about it. The stories, the songs, the tree, the whole magic of the day. I have loved having the girls because I get to make Christmas magic the way I always wanted it. I have been through my family traditions before so won’t do that again. Needless to say the beer (not opened – no drunk Santa’s driving), the homemade choc chip cookies, the carrots and the water are ready. As is the magic key… we are all set for that all important sleigh landing!

So I thought I would share some very important first Christmas photos. The first is our special boy – Obi. This will be the first for a long time without him. We miss our boy, but he still brings joy to us with our memories and of course all those wonderful stories he left us with. His first Christmas was in 2002!


Then came my Little Man Stitch (2010). He is not a brave dog, but he has a heart of gold and a never-ending energy tank. Super Stitch will run all day and as such is in my superhero stories and of course is never far from his girls!


Now we get to the little fella – Chewbacca (Chewie). He has so far shown us to be calmly confident and he loves the girls. He also loves Stitch. It is going to be lots of fun learning what his role in our lives and my stories will be. However for now e is just plain cute!


I hope everyone has a magical Christmas – keep believing and always have fun!