I had some pretty big goals at the beginning of the year. They actually got bigger as the year went on, but I have managed to achieve a few. Which is great considering how amazing I am at the art of procrastination….


I try to stay focused, but usually I get distracted by new ideas. It is amazing that editing one piece can simply lead to new ideas. Anyway this year I have managed to get The Homework Goblin published, hold a book launch, have stories in four different anthologies, keep up with my interviews and reviews on the Stitch Says blog and finally edit two manuscripts. I have also completed one more first draft and am hopeful to do an edit before the year ends. During this time I have also come up with an idea for another series and the extension of my Obi the Super Puppy series. Not bad for a year, especially considering writing is my hobby. So I guess I haven’t wasted too much time doing this…


That may change in 2014 as we get Chewie and puppies are the biggest time wasters ever. Still they also provide lots of material. I am going to have so much writing fun next year. However this year is not over yet. I still have time to achieve a few more goals. Plus I need to set myself up for next year. I am looking forward to getting organised, there are so many things I want to achieve. This year added more than I could have imagined so bring it all on! Can’t wait. So how are you all going with your goals – getting there, achieved some, done the lot??? Would love to hear – until next time, have fun!