The forecast today was hot with a late chance of thunderstorm. Not sure that 11am is late, but we did have the thunderstorm. Who doesn’t love a good summer storm. When you are lying in bed with a good book they can be fantastic. However when you are out with the dogs and kids at work that’s another thing. Thunder I can do, but lightning… no!!!! We quickly packed up and headed to cover. Of course the big boys I had today – Stitch, Tug and Buddy weren’t fussed one little bit. Our sweet girl Matilda wasn’t too keen on the banging and rumbling of thunder. She got lots of cuddles.

Here’s how we passed the time until we could go out side again:



We finished the session with a steamy, warm afternoon. Now it’s raining again. Don’t get me wrong would much rather have the rain than the drought we had a few summers ago, just prefer it at night. Which now means I am off to read all those wonderful books I need to review for the Stitch Says blog. Until next time – have fun!