My boy knows how to live life. Nothing phases him. He just goes with the flow and enjoys every minute. This morning he was very happy to see his brother Tug. They played like lunatics on the lawn. Then of course they had to get into the car for work. We went past the place we normally work at. Stitch actually grumbled at me, as if I had taken the wrong turn. Well excuse me Mr Stitch, but as the driver of the car I actually know where we are going!

Of course he was pretty happy once we got there. Today we worked at the beach. Stitch’s favourite place in the world. As a normally well-behaved obedient dog he is completely different once there is sand and surf!

2013-11-28 09.12.00-1

He’s still well-behaved, but his enthusiasm for life comes out big time! He bounces, barks, runs, swims and generally enjoys playing in the sand. Just as any self-respecting Labrador should!

Stitch’s brother Tug (AKA Tugboat) also had a great time!

2013-11-28 09.14.10

Clearly the boys enjoyed themselves because they are currently snoring up a storm. Until next time – have fun!