I decided to put the editing aside for a moment because the writing bug has hit me again. A while ago I wrote a super hero story for SuperHERos which is due out soon. I spent time with my little super heroes and developed Lightning Lilly, Princess Seea, Captain Obi and Super Stitch. The crime fighting team of the century. These characters also had a Christmas adventure for the Jingle Bells anthology. Still I love these characters so much that they have their own series in my head. I was going to leave adventure one until the Chapter Book Challenge in March. Yet last night I just had to write.
Captain Obi
Princess Seea and Super Stitch
Lightning Lilly<
My girls did an awesome job developing these characters and they have given me too many ideas for their adventures. I could fill up all of next year so I am sure I will have a chapter book to write come March. In the meantime it's good to take a break from editing. Although I still promise to get two of the three manuscripts editing by the end if the year.
So excited I think I’ll get back to it now – more about these characters later! Until then have fun!