I love having lots of ideas to write about. New characters are buzzing, plots are spinning and settings are developing. I would normally be very happy about this (I am very happy). It’s just with Christmas I have so much to do! Still better the have all the ideas and little time to write than all the time, but no ideas. Well that’s what I am telling myself anyway. Would love to hear how other authors record their ideas when this happens?

I love this quote!

If I had some pixie dust I would ask for some more time – will get it soon, holidays are coming. Funnily enough that probably doesn’t help me write because the kids are around. Still will no doubt provide me with more material. It will all happen, or it won’t. Either way I know I will get the better ideas down, because I’m getting that writing buzz again. Just need to finish some editing first.

I am also beginning to organise 2014 – if there are any blog topics you would like me to write about let me know. Would love your suggestions!

Until next time – have fun!