My Writers Reveal prompt for this month comes from J.C Wolfe, here it is:
“If my dog could talk for a day…”
What do you mean if??? Stitch can talk; it’s getting him to stop that is the problem.

I have taken this a bit differently. This is an account I wrote when Stitch first appeared on the scene. as we get closer to Christmas and our new puppy comes home I would like to remind Stitch of what he did to Obi!

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It is a day according to Obi:

Early morning: Wake up to blurry yellow thing bouncing in my face. Attempt to ignore Puppy by nesting further into beanbag. Feel ear being chewed. Decide to wake Humans to deal with Puppy. Thrown outside with Puppy. Wait patiently at door for small human, who I have trained to let me back in.
Morning: Small human opens door, lets Puppy in too. Wake up Humans by jumping on them and licking face. Get thrown outside, with breakfast and Puppy. Marginal improvement.
Mid Morning: Subtly instruct Human to take me for a walk by throwing collar at them. Works. No puppy, dawdle through shade, enjoying not having ears pulled. Find perfect blade of grass. Watch Human clean up. Find second perfect blade of grass, watch Human clean up again.
Return home, find box to sleep while Puppy taken around the block. Saviour the peace, snooze.
Mid day: Puppy has woken up. Watch Puppy dig hole to bury newest toy. Sit with paw near hole to point it out to humans. Hide in box to watch Puppy being told off. Puppy hides in box. Get out to show Humans where he is hiding.
Lunch: Watch Puppy devour bowl of food. Enjoy chewing on a biscuit. Attempt to sleep as Puppy continues to lick empty bowl. Try to explain bowl does not produce food. Puppy keeps trying. Bury head under blanket to avoid noise.
Afternoon: Feel energetic. Find Puppy’s newest toy. Run away with it. Turn Puppy inside out as he tries to get toy. Play tug-o-war. Stand still while Puppy pulls himself off his feet. Let him win a round. Decide to end game. Flick head, rip toy from Puppy. Hide toy. Sleep.
Late afternoon: Wake up to find Puppy still using me as a pillow. Move away from Puppy, start asking for dinner. Human finally gets hint. Sit and wait to eat. Watch Puppy trying to get at bowl. Eat when told. Get cuddle from Human as Puppy continues to lick empty bowl.
Evening: Let inside for evening snooze. Curl up on Toddler couch. Puppy using me as pillow again. Snort, move to other couch. Puppy follows. Play musical beds til Puppy finally goes to sleep. Attempt to sleep as Puppy has rather loud dream. Move to another room when Puppy starts barking in sleep.
Night: Taken outside by Human before long sleep. Sniff the plants. Find perfect blade of grass. Trot back to house. Curl up on dog bed with Puppy. Snooze as Puppy finally goes to sleep. Carefully remove self from under puppy. Quietly nest in bean bag. Sleep.

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I must say Obi had a way with words – I miss that boy. We are getting a new puppy soon for Stitch I wonder if his day will be different? Only time will tell! Whatever happens it’s going to be a lot of fun!

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Until next time – have fun!