Right so after all the excitement of Christmas pageants, puppies and of course Mr Stitch stealing my blog it’s time to get back on track. I only have a few weeks before we go away. There is no way things will get done once we get back, not now with the new puppy coming just before Christmas. Which of course means I need to get moving.

Writing wise I have two manuscripts that I have edited. Just need to type up the changes and re read! Hoping to submit them for editing in January. That means releasing early next year! Very exciting. I also have another that I have read to the kids, but it needs a lot of work. Hoping to have that reading for editing by the time I start my next chapter book challenge in March. I already have a story brewing for that!!!

I have achieved a few things though. My keepsakes story is ready to be submitted later today and I have completed enough of the Not so Boring Books to keep the kids busy for a while. It’s amazing how ticking things off the list is rewarding, but leads to more to do. I have also got the kid’s books ready for printing. That will keep the Grandparents entertained. That and a few small items for Christmas shopping and I think I am done. Need to start wrapping it all up just to make sure.

I am also hoping to sell more of my books for Christmas, including the anthologies! So I need to amp up the marketing campaign. What did I say, never-ending story. Still it’s all fun and I get rewarded with a puppy!!!! Until next time – have fun!