One of my pet hates as a Mum is hearing the words “I’m bored!” Now it is fundamentally impossible to be bored in our house. There is always craft to make, stories to write, things to bake, bikes to ride, trampolines to jump on, Stitch to play with and so many other things to do. Still from time to time my girls will utter those two words. I have decided that attack is the best policy here. We are into our last term of school and then its six weeks off. While we have Christmas and possibly a really exciting gift early in January (more later) I do not wan to hear those words. I have decided to make both my girls a Not So Boring Book.


Essentially it’s a writing journal, but with a lot of fun things to do. Yes I am a teacher, but this is not about teaching. This is about fueling my girl’s creativity and their enjoyment of writing stories. As a plus if they ever utter those words I will simply pull out the book! Will it work? Only time will tell, but if it does I may publish a not so boring book next year! Wish me luck – until next time have fun!