I know I know it’s all about Stitch. Well okay not really, but funnily enough everyone who reads this blog seems to love him almost as much as I do! However this week is probably not one of Stitch’s favourite for the year. You see being Halloween week we do all sorts of crazy things at work. We teach our students about dog skeletons – which consists of drawing the bones on our dog (the chalk is harmless).


Yes he’s man enough to be pink!

Then of course what comes with Halloween??? Dressing up. Now Stitch is used to this, he often comes back from visiting the girl’s rooms with fairy wings on! While it’s not his favourite thing he is such a good sport!




I am very proud of having Obi in print and looking forward to releasing the sequel next year, which will include my boy Stitch. Stitch will also be a part of my super hero series and of course in Maddy and Aijay’s Magical Adventures. All of which I am hoping to be releasing in 2014 (big year coming up). However the more I think about it the more my boy deserves his own book. So look out our Stitch will be appearing in a book somewhere, somehow. Just need the time to write it!!!! Until next time have fun!