Thanks Becky for such an amazing topic. Let’s see if I can work out how I would define success. I guess it depends on the area of your life. As this is a writing blog I will start there. So is success being a best seller? Getting published? Earning royalties? I don’t think they define success. Certainly all that would be amazing. However to me the first time I defined success as an author was when I actually completed my first draft of a children’s novel. I was doing a writing course and the assignment was to write a chapter book. On a camping trip I managed to scratch together a draft of Ghostnapped! This later became my first published novel. However the draft I handed into my tutor and the book that you can purchase now are almost two different stories. It was that completion point that I would say was my first success. However holding the book in print and seeing my name on the cover was certainly a new level of success.


As was looking at my royalty report and realising I have sold over 700 copies. All of that is good, but it doesn’t really define success. I am very proud of having my first book published. I would certainly say I feel more successful now as an author with three books to my name and a handful of stories in various anthologies (again thanks Becky).
All of that is great, but I define my success as an author by three occasions:
1. The first time I was told by a parent their child refused to turn out the lights until they had finished reading my book (have been told this a few times since too!)
2. When the first child asked “When is your next book out?”


And the most important
3. When my own girls request we read my stories!
So I guess as an author I define success by having people enjoy reading my books. So naturally if more children read and enjoy my books I will be more successful. However because this has happened I have achieved success.
What’s that old saying success breeds success – well I guess it’s addictive that way. I really want more children to enjoy my books and to have more books for them to enjoy.

What about other aspects of life?
Work – well I certainly define success at my work by the engagement of the young people we work with. The mere fact that these at risk youth turn up every week and experience success themselves defines mine.
Home – I have a husband and two healthy, happy, bright girls. They are inquisitive, creative and love to do everything. I also have Stitch – who is a highly trained Labrador. He’s part of the whole success thing and certainly part of the family. We are not perfect and have plenty of arguments, but I couldn’t and wouldn’t ask for anything else. So yes I would say as a family we are successful.
In terms of work, home and writing I would say I have achieved success. That doesn’t mean I don’t have dreams or goals left to achieve. Exactly the opposite in fact. People often remark “How do you find the time?” Well simply because it’s who I am. I thrive on success, yes we all have our disappointments, but it’s the highs that drive me.
So have I actually defined success? Not really sure, let’s have a go:
To me success is achieving a goal that leads to another goal, which once achieved leads to another….
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