Halloween is a fun time of the year. We don’t celebrate it widely here in Australia, but we still have some fun. My kids love to dress up and read all their spooky stories. We also watch the Disney Villians specials. Yes they do get some lollies, but it’s really more about spooky stories. Which brings me to a point. Is the spookiest thing how much candy kids get????

I remember having a Halloween in Canada, so much fun going out and trick or treating. We brought home a whole pillowcase full of lollies. More than we could eat. This is a bit scary really, not something I promote with my kids. Okay it’s not as popular in Australia, so much easier to avoid. I think we could all still have a fun Halloween without so much candy. This year my girls and I are going to write and read spooky books! Why don’t you have a go too???

Ghostnapped Halloween

Here are some reviews of Ghsotnapped:

Five stars: Enjoyable chilling ghost story
I really enjoyed this story, it is perfect for older children – a ghost story with a mystery to solve, a thrilling ride! I highly recommend it.

Five stars:
Without giving too much away, in Ghoastnapped we meet Alex and Brady. They are a typical, bickering brother and sister, who are going on another boring family holiday, which quickly turns into an exciting adventure when Brady is kidnapped by a mysterious ghost in great need of help to free a prisoner, who has been held captured for 50 years by a sea monster, which by the way turns out to be no ordinary monster after all.

Ghostnapped is a well written and easy to read children’s book. The characters are well-defined and likeable. clear and exciting scene setting. The book has a strong, clear story line and plot, which is scary (read exciting) and which is sure to delight a younger audience.
When reading, I had flashbacks to the days when I as a young child enjoyed reading Enid Blyton’s ‘Famous Five’ books – friends exploring caves, getting into exciting adventures and solving mysteries.

In short, a well written, enjoyable children’s adventure, with lots of twists and turns and a happy ending, and which carries a timeless message about friendship, loyalty and bravery.

So have a go, make it a fun, spooky, but healthy Halloween this year!!!! Until next time – have fun!