I have been nominated by Becky Fyfe http://chapterbookchallenge.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/nominated-for-liebster-award.html

for the Leibster Blog Award. The Leibster award is giving to wonderful blogs with under 200 followers. The word “Liebster” Means sweetheart in German. It’s pretty cool really!


In accepting this award I am contractually obligated to answer 10 questions of Becky’s choosing and then command 5-10 other people to answer my similarly worded questions. So here we go!
1. Why were you drawn to writing?
I have always written. It was my favourite part of school. Actually I used to sit up the back and write stories in most lessons anyway. I just love to make up things. It is something that has stayed with me and now I love having people read my stories – that was a long time coming!

2. How many years have you been making or trying to make writing your career?
I’m not really sure I see writing as a career – more of a hobby. Although the more I get into it the more I want to do with my writing, so who knows what the future will bring!

3. Are you published? Where?
I have three books published through Strategic Book Group, they can be found at: http://sbpra.com/AshleyHowland/ I also have stories in various anthologies, which are coming out and one that is out.

4. What is your favourite part about writing stories?
the actual first draft I think. I love it when the story just rolls. I also enjoy the research for characters and ideas. Having said that holding the completed book with my name on the front is pretty addictive,

5. What is your favourite genre?
I write children’s novels and chapter books. I love reading these books too, so writing for children just comes naturally. I am writing some stories for older (teenage) children, but I generally like writing for the younger children. Adults have really enjoyed my books too, so it’s proof you never really have to grow up.

6. Where do you find your inspiration?
My kids and the dogs I work with inspire me every day. They give me so much material and the girl’s well they just love to hear my stories. They have become a big part of my writing. I develop ideas and characters with them. Then when I am editing I read the story out loud to them. They love it.

7. How active is your muse?
That’s hard to answer. I wish I had more time to actually write and edit, however I constantly have ideas brewing. So I would say I am actively creating stories, characters and plots every day. Just not sure they all end up on the computer.

8. If you could have a conversation with your muse, what would you say?
Can you get your ideas down for me? Preferably while I’m sleeping as it’s the only time left!

9. What are the latest projects you are working on?
I have three stories I am editing. Two are chapter books for younger children and one is a novel for teenagers. I am hopeful to have these edited and in the publishing process for next year. I am also involved with a few different anthologies. 2014 is working its way up to being a pivotal year for me as an author.

10. What plans or dreams do you have for your writing in the next year?
As I just said I have lots of plans – three books out and a whole host of other drafts complete. I am going to explore self publishing from her on in. It’s been a big decision and I have a lot to learn, but I think ultimately it is going to suit me better. So wish me luck!

Okay so they are my answers. Now I am going to nominate the following blogs for this award:

Here are your questions:
1. What makes you write?
2. How long have you been writing professionally (including amateur writers, I think we’re all professional!)?
3. Independent of traditional publishing – which one is it for you?
4. What is the best thing about writing?
5. What do you write?
6. Where do you get your ideas?
7. How often are your writing or in the process of writing?
8. If anything was possible how would you increase your productivity as a writer?
9. What are you writing now?
10. What can we look forward to in the next year?
Please answer these questions however you see fit. Since I’m lazy I’m copying and pasting the instructions: “If you choose to accept here are the directions: Link back to the blogger that tagged you. Nominate 5-10 others and answer the questions of the one who tagged you (mine are below). Then ask 10 questions for the bloggers you nominate as well as letting your nominees know of their award. Oh, yeah—and have fun! ☺”
Thanks Becky this was fun – I hope my nominees enjoy doing this, I look forward to reading your posts. Until then have fun!