I miss having two dogs! So much that I am getting puppy clucky…


Not sure that Stitch agrees with me. He has become very used to being the only dog in the absence of Obi. It’s funny to see the traits of Obi coming out in him. Things he never did while Obi was around, but he’s doing them now. Just wish he hadn’t channelled the massive fur growth that Obi had. Stitch never used to drop fur, but he’s making up for not having Obi around that’s for sure. Still it is good to see that he is comfortable in his own skin. I just feel for him on the days we go out. He’s pretty lucky, coming to work with me and getting lots of walks. I think a friend is in need. Okay maybe I just want a puppy. I know they don’t stay little for long. I think it is time the once sidekick becomes the mentor. Yep Super Stitch needs a little superhero to mold, just like Obi the Super Puppy molded him. Now I just need to convince the rest of the family! Until next time – have fun!