Books are ageless – as are authors. Well okay that’s not entirely true. However a great author will appear that way to kids. They don’t care how many books you have written, how many copies have been sold. All kids want is to hear and read a great story. Today I was able to experience that with my girls. We went to a book reading and signing by Mem Fox. I asked my girls to find their two favourite stories she had written. They chose Possum Magic and Boo to a Goose. Now Mem fox has been writing books for children for a long time. My girls took pride in telling me I am older that Possum Magic!


Mem Fox was also a university lecturer and as a teacher I have listened to her speak plenty of times. She reads with a beautiful passion for words. One that obviously matches her writing. My girls enjoyed listening to her and of course getting their books signed! It was a bit of holiday fun. Something for us to share. The girls like knowing that I read the same books at their age.


It is something we should do more of. Also this was professional development for me – looking to improve on my next book signing! Regardless the girls and I enjoyed our afternoon of reading magic! Who was one of your childhood favourites? Or which author would you like to meet? Until next time – have fun!