We spent the day following a Superhero trail at the wildlife park.


So now we have a whole host of superhero animals to write about. The girls loved the little squirrel glider who glided from the tree back into her pouch. They were happy to see the koalas actually moving around – usually they sleep or make horrible noises! They also got to watch the dingoes get fed, which was pretty cool. The wombats weren’t very active, but the kangaroos were happy to be fed.

It was a fun day and now they have loads of photos to do another scrap book page. Pretty sure there will be a story or two soon as well. All this gives me a great idea for my superhero book. I already have one chapter done and now I am getting enough to write the rest. It’s a shame I still have three manuscripts to edit. Really should get on to those. First up though I am going to finish my keepsakes stories. I have to prioritise for the rest of this year to get everything done. Wish me luck! Until next time – have fun!