My lovely daughter came home on the last day of school with a head cold. Of course she gets over it in a flash and then I get it. If only I could have stayed in bed for a day. No I had a volleyball grand final – which we won and work! So I had to take three dogs to see 21 kids. Yep that was fun when I have lost my voice!!!! Anyway I survived. Although I did feel like this:

2013-08-06 08.16.17

I am on the mend, but I have so much to do. A few days of not thinking straight as my mind was soaked up with cold and flu. Now I fell like this:

2013-07-08 20.34.43

Not the best start to the school holidays – I tried to go to the gym this morning. Didn’t work well, will try again tomorrow. In the meantime I am trying to catch up on my reading for reviews and interviews. As well as my editing and writing. I apologise if you are on my waiting list, so I’ll feel like this again…

2013-07-17 13.50.22

Well maybe… Until next time – have fun!