Yep thankfully it’s Friday! It has been one of those weeks – too much to do, never enough time. Plus because it’s the last week of term the kids go crazy. They’ve had enough, as have the dogs. My two girls are certainly ready for a break as are their teachers. I could also use some time just to sort myself out. I am working on Monday, but that’s okay. I just need some time not having to do school drop off and pick ups, a few days where I don’t have to watch the clock! What do I have planned? Well there are a few writing projects I need to finish. A flash fiction piece for the Keepsakes project and the kids stories for the Talisman Chronicles for starters. Also really want to get stuck into the editing and I will be making an announcement here next week for a fundraising idea I have that involves writing! Lots to do, still not enough time, but no clock to stick too for the next two weeks! That will help. Until next time – have fun!