I have a webpage and it serves a purpose. All my books are there it has links to purchase and also links to all my social media. It looks okay, you can check it out at:

It needs a face lift and an upgrade. I have some ideas – need to get my husband on board too, because he is the one that makes my page. I have no idea how to make a webpage. Any way here are some things I am thinking about adding:
1. The videos for my books
2. An activity page for each book
3. Links to my pinterest boards
4. Blog roll
5. Links to my amazon author page
6. A link and page to advertise my Stitch Says blog where I do author interviews and reviews.

What do you think??? What would really make my page stand out? What would make you want to buy my books? I’d love some advice, ideas. Anything really. This is going to be one of my goals by the end of the year I want to launch a super dooper webpage that people love to visit…. Would love any suggestions… Until next time – have fun!