what was that saying??? Something about never work with kids and animals… Mmmmm think I lost the memo. What about never live with them??? Just kidding I wouldn’t survive without my girls or Stitch, although it would be a lot quieter! Any way not to get sidetracked. I have blogged before about writing with my girls. It’s so much fun. They love to make scrapbooks of all their stories and of course take them to school. The teachers possibly get sick of them, but hey I was there once… Anyway last night while they were all sleeping I found this from the lovely Becky: http://yourkidscreations.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/the-talisman-chronicles-anthology-by.html
I instantly signed my two up and chose the dog for Munchkin (6) and the paw print for Smudgekin (5). They were over the moon this morning. In fact I had trouble getting them ready for school because the stories ideas were exploding out of their brains at a million miles an hour. Once they were dressed they sat down and began. Munchkin has already written two pages of a dog pirate story, staring Obi, Stitch and of course the two of them. Smudgekin took a different route, she began to draw all the animals with paws that Stitch could meet in her adventure!

Funny to watch and so exciting for them. Of all the thinks I have ever done, even more than publishing my own stories I am most proud of my girls. They love this sort of activity. It is a great thing we can share now and I hope it continues into the future. No doubt there will be more writing when they get home! Until next time – have fun!