I am very privileged, I share my birthday with my favourite author. Yep I like Roald Dahl was born on the 13th of September!


this was always my claim to fame, that most of my friends didn’t understand. Now however it’s a bit of a different story. A lot of my friends are teachers, parents or authors themselves. So they get the whole thing.

Roald Dahl 1

I would love to be half as successful as Roald Dahl – actually would settle for a lot less than that! He was an amazing author. I still love his books and so do my girls.

Roald Dahl

Yes so my birthday was on Friday the 13th. Not a big feat for me. I actually celebrated my 13th birthday on Friday the 13th. We had a cool scary party! Lots of fun. If you are maths minded you can probably work out how old I am. Really I don’t care, my girls did a good job of blabbing it around their school on Friday anyway! Until next time – have fun!