Tornado of Destruction
Holly burst into the room like a raging tornado. She threw clothes out of draws. Chucked toys onto the ground. Kicked books out of the way. It had to be there. She had lost her favourite necklace. It wasn’t in her school bag. It wasn’t in the car. it simply had to be in her room. The clothes, books and toys were thrown over her head. The room looked like a destructions zone. Then from behind her she heard…
“Would you be looking for this?”
Holly turned. There was her younger brother, standing in the doorway dangling her necklace from his hand.
“Give if back” she yelled.
He just laughed and backed away. Holly launched herself after him. Her legs became tangled in a mess of clothes and toys. She fell onto the pile.
“Ha, should keep your room clean,” he boasted as he ran down the hallway.
Holly pulled herself up and with all the energy she could muster she jumped over the mess and chased him. She would get her necklace back or else.

Bit of fun today, nice to just write. Until tomorrow – have fun!