My boy will never win a show and I’m proud of that! He does show well and was beautiful yesterday with his student handlers. I couldn’t have been happier, even if he had made the cut.

Stitch and I at the labrador nationals 2012

Stitch would have won the prize for the happiest dog in the show ring. He was all smiles and he did everything properly. He smiled the whole way around. So much that people in the crowd were commenting about how amazingly happy he looked. Which is of course the only reason I take him. He loves to show off. Just like the old boy – Obi, who in his first show left a lasting impression.


Stitch while a very good example of the standard Labrador retriever. He is the right height, build and has the perfect broad head. He will never win a show simple because he’s and athlete. Even on his big frame, he’s too skinny for their liking. However for me and everyone else out there you always take the best dog home!


I’m super proud of my Little man, he was incredible all day. He’s sleeping it off now, a bit over tired, but he’ll bounce back. He’d do it all again tomorrow if he had to… That’s my big goofy boy. Until next time – have fun!