Obi 1 011
Part of owning Obi was coming home to discover a box had exploded, a palm tree had suddenly disintegrated or the plastic bottles had attached him. He wasn’t the most destructive Labrador, more creatively destructive. He certainly was always proud of his achievements. Obi seemed to be working towards a higher purpose. Which is why I wrote Obi the Super Puppy and the Mystery of the Red Mist. However this week in Obi’s absence Stitch seems to have taken the role of purposeful destructor. Yep I got home to discover that horrible bucket had leapt out and attached my innocent boy. He was too good for it though. That’s right the score is one to Super Stitch and zero to attacking bucket. End result of course I had to buy a new bucket!

That’s not all I had to contend with this week. It is smudgekin’s fifth birthday this weekend. So amongst the bucket attacking chaos I managed to make cakepops and a cake. My little Monkey want’s all things monkey so here they are.


Cakepops still manage to frustrate me. I am determined to master them…


I managed to prevent my cheeky monkey cake from looking like a koala (don’t ask), it’s sort of monkey like! Smudgekin liked it anyway so that’s all that really matters.

Not surprisingly I haven’t got to much writing or editing this week… will get back t it soon. Until next time – have fun!