My dog may have super powers, I think I need to borrow them. So I take on a lot, happy to be busy. Still gotta love it when you do something and all you get is why don’t you do this? or Now what about? or even worse, get more???? At the moment that is all I seem to be getting. What I would really love to hear just once in a while is thanks. Pretty sure that word can still be used….

Okay so I hate to rant on my blog, but today I am feeling rushed. I have made cupcakes for the big kid’s class tomorrow, cake pops for the little kid’s party, am trying to use social media to promote some fundraisers for work, need to write and have a party to prepare for. So when I turn on the computer and see these comments I feel like retorting – you do it!!!! I wouldn’t do that, but seriously I am only one person. I think the problem lies in the fact that I somehow manage to get it all done and I will. My house may be a mess, but I will get things done. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so effective or efficient. Then maybe people would leave me alone. Who knows. I guess the point it that if you know someone who does everything and is super busy, stop them for a second and say thanks… I bet they will appreciate the effort, I know I would.

Right so back to baking and writing, editing, what ever I can get done before I collect the kiddies and take them to sport. That’s all part of being a mum…. Until next time – have fun!