Trying to get myself back in the writing groove. I have so many little jobs and plans I haven’t been able to write. I am making a list and checking it twice… so to speak!!!! Christmas is fast approaching too, but not before I get through a few other things. This weekend is my little Smudgkin’s birthday – she will be five. So this week is focussing on Monkey stuff. She wants Monkey cake pops, cupcakes and of course a Monkey cake. Then of course we have the Royal Show so that is a big week. However I am determined, there will be no excuses!!! I will write. I need to do the draft of my Keepsakes project, my Wolf versus Volleyball story. The idea has been bursting in my head for a few weeks now it simply needs to be put on the computer. So that is my plan for the night. I also have lots of editing to do, will get to that in amongst Monkey stuff… Also have some interviews and reviews to post… wouldn’t have it any other way. Until next time – have fun.