Now how could I ever get writer’s block when I live with Super Stitch? He provides so much entertainment and material. Of course my girls join in with the fun because they love hearing stories about their super puppy.


Stitch amazes me everyday. He gives absolutely everything he has in every session at work. He is incredible. If I could train like him I’d be super fit! Certainly it is inspirational to watch this boy work. Everything is done with a smile and a wag of the tail. Words can not express how much I love this boy. I am so glad he had three years with Obi – who was also so special. However I am also glad Stitch had found his own way of weaving his magic. He does some of the things Obi used to do, but always with his own Stitchie style!


So no I never suffer writer’s block – just writer’s lack of time!!!! Until next time have fun!