I thought I’d share three of my girls’ favourite books for bookweek. I have lost count the number of times I have read these books – of course they read then now. They still like me reading to them so we still get to have fun doing that.


My girls are convinced that Stitch is a sweet, silly dog – a dog they can call my dog. They love to chant this book back to me. My girls will never get a tail not meant to wag dog that’s for sure.


While my girls don’t watch a lot of television, Animalia was made into a pretty good show as well. They pride themselves on remembering where the boy is hiding and are very competitive about who cn find him first. It’s an excellent game of Spotto!


The girls love the wombat. It’s simple, effective and funny. They like that the wombat trains the humans. Both my girls are sure Stitch has trained them! What are your favourite kids books? Until next time – have fun!