Okay I know technically its still winter, but seriously it’s freezing. Also it’s wet which means being cooped up inside with the kids. Fortunately they are both off to friends houses soon. I may actually get some writing done. My Keepsakes story is buzzing in my head and bursting to get out. I need some peace and quiet to actually write. Certainly not going to get that while the kids are here. They are beyond excited at the moment. There are parties and of course this week is book week. They love dressing up and have their costumes (complete with toy dog props) all ready. I even made scrap books of the stories I wrote for them since they haven’t actually been published yet. However to ensure no fighting I also need to print another copy of each story. Would hate to cause a major argument on book parade day…

I also have lots of reviews to get to, will be posting some this week along with interviews (on my Stitch Says Blog). My apologies for any delays it’s crazy here. We are gearing up the Royal Show at work and I have a Smudgekin who is turning 5. That means a party (not at home thankfully), cake pops, cupcakes and of course the actual birthday cake. It’s a monkey party for my little cheeky monkey. So yes life gets in the way of reading and writing. Wouldn’t have it any other way – although someone to cook, clean, wash and put away clothes would be nice. Oh yeah and for no cost – I don’t get paid to do it why should anyone else LOL. Dreaming – until next time – have fun!