My very first secret swap post – here goes!
My prompt came from:Emily:
Write about a young girl not feeling like going to school but a whimsical creature or talking animal (you can choose) convinces her to go.

I don’t want to go!

“I’m not going,” mumbled Katy to herself as she stumbled in the direction of her school.
It was a bright and sunny day, but Katy had a maths test. She hated maths, it didn’t matter how hard she tried, it just never made sense. As she continued to stroll she had a strange feeling. Katy felt like she was being watched. She quickly turned around, but there was nothing there. We journey continued as she contemplated what would happen if she didn’t turn up to school.
“Arrrgh, they have that text message thing,” she said out loud. If Katy didn’t turn up her mother would get a text message and she’d worry. This would mean she wouldn’t be allowed to go to the party on the weekend. That would be worse than failing her maths test.

A shiver ran down her spine. That feeling was there again. Quickly Katy jumped behind a bush. A small creature walked past, singing. Katy jumped out and grabbed it.
“What are you?” she cried.
It was small, green and had pink hair.
“I’m a goblin,” it screeched.


“Why were you following me?”
“I can help you, I love maths,” it continued, “Just please put me down.”
Katy looked at the creature; it was actually kind of cute, in an ugly sort of way. She sighed, crazy help was better than no help. Katy put the goblin down and they walked towards school together.
The Goblin began to sing. Katy listened, the tune was very catchy. She joined in and by the time they reached the school gate the song was firmly stuck in her head.
“What’s that got to do with maths?” asked Katy, but the goblin had gone.
Katy groaned as the school bell rang. She ran up to her classroom, still humming the song. Time to face the maths test.

Katy looked at the first question. She read it in her head and the song came back to her. That was the answer. Katy wrote it down quickly and continued. Every question was a different part of the song and she knew them all. Katy finished the maths test in record time and handed it up with a smile. As she sat down she looked towards the window. There was the crazy math goblin. It wasn’t real; it was a picture on the multiplication poster. Maybe she had imagined the whole thing? All Katy knew was that next week’s math test wouldn’t be so scary.

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