I decided to enter into the Keepsakes Anthology run by Sally Odgers. So far I have had a lot of fun with these anthologies. Completing two fairy tales with the Chapter book Challenge – that are now published in Teapot Tales – A Collection of Unique Fairy Tales, My charms piece for The Crock of Charms project and my Female Super Hero story. so all in all I will have another four stories published. Which is really cool. What’s better is the charms and the super hero stories are actually chapters from two series I am writing. So I am actually ahead. Which I like a lot. Anyway back to the Keepsakes. This was a little different – its longer for one thing and it’s for adults. Which can be a stretch for me. Although adults tend to like my kids books. Still I am up for the challenge. I chose the Wolf Keepsake.


Why? Well I like dogs. I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to write a story about a wolf. I had visions of werewolves, wild animals hunting people and a domestic dog joining a wolf pack (may still write that one), but none of these stories felt right. Then I had a brain explosion. Why would it have to be a real wolf? Why couldn’t it be a mascot wolf… Sport is something I love so I’m sure I could write a piece about a team called the wolves. I began writing The Year of the Wolves last night – a volleyball adventure. Packed with action, suspense and lots of sweat. Then my brain exploded again. What if the volleyball game was actually an analogy of a wolf pack fighting for survival???? Of course my husband thought I was crazy (well he often thinks that so no different there), but I am hooked on the idea. I just hope I am smart enough to pull it off…. Wish me luck! Until next time – have fun!