Book week is coming, which means the usual note comes home from school There is a dress up parade! So I ask my girls who do you want to go as? Last year it was Captain Hook and Pirate Wendy for both. This year…

They want to go as the super heroes they helped me create!

Lightning Lilly

Yep Lightning Lilly and Princess Seea will be making an appearance at the parade.

Princess Seea and Super Stitch

Along with a stuffed toy version of Captain Obi and Super Stitch.
Captain Obi
So I have a question… Is is wrong to send your kids to school dress as characters from a book that has yet to be written completely? Hopefully a short version will be published in an anthology soon, but I haven’t even begun to write the actual book. Although ideas are coming together and it is my next project. Still that’s what my kids want and it’s more creative than just dressing up as a character. Afterall they did help me create them… I am putting together a scrap-book for each to tak on the day with the story I have already written. Just hope their teacher’s get it all. Shouldn’t be an issue this year. Besides that’s what you get when you have super heroes in your classroom. Until next time – have fun!