Every now and then I get to take out two boys for dinner. Okay okay it’s not what you think. I get to take Stitch and well usually Tug, but tonight it was Rory. Labradors actually make pretty good dates. They follow you anywhere, never fuss about where they are going, don’t care what you order, don’t take forever to order themselves, are happy to talk about anything, rarely answer back and generally just sit and listen. They don’t pick up the bill, but hey no ones perfect!

It is funny taking the dogs out to restaurants, meetings, shopping centres and the works. Lots of fun too, although people do tend to stare. Normally the stares are turned into smiles as the boys work their magic. I am so used to having the dogs with me sometimes I forget, they are just part of my life now. Stitch and Rory are snoring after a fun dinner, might go and join them. Until next time – have fun!