My girls are a part of my writing life, in fact they are my writing life. I became an author because of them, well okay I got the courage to go forward because of them. They listen to all my stories. Quite often they offer their own suggestions! They love coming up with ideas for me to write about. My super hero series (which will get done one day…) is all for them. They came up with the best characters and I am slowly putting all their ideas together.

Lightning Lilly

Princess Seea and Super Stitch

So I write for them, with them and because of them. Still it’s nice when they say something about it all. To them having a mum that writes book is normal. I think recently with my book launch and as they have begun to understand things more they are beginning to realise that not everyone’s mum writes books. They love that I do. So today when I received a card from my book launch they decided it only needed three words: Mum is awesome! Thanks girls, no better motivation to keep writing.


Love my girls in every way!!!! Would love to hear how other authors include their kids in the writing process… until next time – have fun!