Check out some amazing pups from Labs ‘n Life



Amy is pretty cute, she’s very smart too! She’s a Labs ‘n Life companion dog in training. that means she gets to work with a whole lot of great young people all week. Then one day, when all that is finished she will go on to be a companion dog for a child on the autism spectrum. Pretty amazing!

Amy and her brother (the big yellow boy) are yet to celebrate their first birthdays, but they can already do lots of wonderful things. They love working with their students and are very much-loved by their foster families.


Training companion dogs is a lot of fun. Amy also gets to go to lots of places. She’s been seen all over Murray Bridge and local areas. She’s a bit of a superstar. You may have seen her out and about in her red Labs ‘n Life jacket.


Amy and Rory are just…

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