My book launch was really great, got so many wonderful photos I had to share a few more!
Stitch had a great time with the kids! The best thing about having Stitch there is he laps up the limelight. Everyone loves him and so they should. He’s also excellent at performing when he needs to. He just likes being available to the world!

The kids had a great time drawing their versions of The Homework Goblin.





I signed copies of my book with the help of Stitch of course.

The kids also enjoyed reading their new signed copies of my book – which always makes me happy. It is after all why I write!

I had so much fun. There are a few people I need to thank:
Rebecca Sutton from Distinctive Celebrations:
I wouldn’t have actually done this if you weren’t there to support! Thank you!
Kylie, who jumped at the idea of my first book launch and helped me run with it. Also for taking the fantastic photos on the day. Can’t wait to return the favour at your first book launch!!!! To check out more photos got o my pinterest site:

The Woodcroft Community Library for providing such a wonderful venue and advertising this event. It was awesome!

Finally of course to my family and the friends who continue to support my writing career!

I can’t wait until the next event, thinking shoes on…. Until next time – have fun!