My first book launch for The Homework Goblin was lots of fun. The kids and parents all enjoyed the page I read to them and of course why I wrote the book!

I introduced my writing buddy – Stitch. He’s such a clown in front of the kids and loves every second. It was his third birthday so he told (barked) all the kids how old he was! They loved singing happy birthday to him. Stitch is great, he steals the show every time and I’m more than happy to let him!


The children all had a chance to pat Stitch while they did their activity (see next blog). He shook paws and got a few belly scratches!


I felt like a real author and signed the books that were bought. Quite a few people bought my book which is of course one of the reasons you do these things. I also handed out lots of promotional goodies. So hopefully people will look me up in the future and buy my other books.


I donated a copy of each of my books to the library. They were fantastic and holding the launch didn’t cost me anything. They were more than happy and advertise it just like I did. It was a success. I have to say I felt nervous before, but had so much fun. It was nice to be treated as an author. I could do this sort of thing more often… better get writing. Until next time – have fun!