My little man is growing up. He turns three on the weekend and unfortunately at the moment he looks like a little lost boy. He’s missing his pal Obi (as are we all).


Still Stitch is doing okay. My girls have called him Super Stitch and want him written into all their stories. So far he has a gig in Their magical adventures as their sidekick, he’s Princess Seea’s transportation in the super hero series and of course he is in the sequel to Obi the Super Puppy. He’s a super hero in his own right.

Stitch knows his mate has gone, he isn’t looking for him. It’s just at night he finds it difficult to settle and of course when he is home alone. So today he has had his brother Tug around to help out. Tug is a trained companion dog (yet to be placed) so today he has been Stitch’s companion.


I’m very proud of my little man, he is coping well. While it is clearly evident he is not impressed with this only dog thing he is happy when we are around. He will have to wait a while for a puppy and I’m not sure he thinks that’s a good idea either… Stitch is actually really good with puppies it’s just he has forgotten how annoying he was. Good old Obi was one tolerant old boy, not sure if Stitch will be the same. Still for now he can have plenty of doggy play dates and of course he still comes to work with me. He will also be the centre of many stories, so watch out for them. Until next time – have fun!