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This is probably one of the hardest blogs I have ever had to write. I’m sure I won’t get it all out first go, so there will be other posts. Still here goes:

Today we had to say goodbye to our special boy – Obi. He was just over ten and a half years old, which is not really old for a labrador. Unfortunately twelve weeks ago he was given six weeks to live after being diagnosed with bone cancer. He was stubborn to the end. Today we had to make the hard decision. He was starting to really suffer and we didn’t want that. So right now he is enjoying a dinner of sausage and ice cream with his old buddies.

Obi was a special boy from the onset.
From day one he was a highly independent labrador. He had a natural sense of self-confidence. Everything he did he managed with the absolute certainty that all was alright with the world because it included Obi. There was no arrogance in the boy, just pure confidence. He did some crazy labrador things like dig in his drink bucket, play with anything he could find (from hammers to dumbbells), destroy boxes, take the lids off bottles and of course play until he dropped. There was always something amazing about Obi. He just seemed to know how to make lasting impressions. There are a few times that spring to mind:
– I took him to a staff meeting to see if everyone would let me use him as a reward for good behaviour. He managed to sit himself next to the only teacher who was petrified of dogs and by the end of the meeting she was patting his head.
– He swam a good 100m along the beach on a hot day, past lots of kids. Climbed up on the boogie board of four kids from my class at school.
– Found the one kid who had lost someone from their family and climbed all over them to cuddle them.
– Played all by himself for hours with a stuffed monkey, even though there were a dozen other labradors to play with.
– bounced around the show ring, making everyone laugh. Made such and impression a couple recognised him when we took him for a walk about a month later.
– Let himself into the tent on a camping trip so he could have a sleep on the bed.
– Snuggled up on my lap because it was freezing, keeping us both warm.
– the way he just adapted no matter what we threw at him, kids, other labs, Stitch and of course his work. He just took it all in his stride and enjoyed every moment.

There are so many other examples, I’m sure I will post some more. He was a super hero, not just to me and my family, but to everyone he met. Obi has touched the hearts of so many. There are a overwhelming number of beautiful messages I have received today. We know he will be missed.


Adults, kids and of course the other dogs have all shared a part in Obi’s life. While it was too early to say goodbye I am consoled by knowing his legacy will live on. Stitch will be missing his mate, but he too has learnt so much from Obi. In his own ways he will step up and full the shoes left. That’s the beauty of these dogs, they do things in their own ways.

The beauty of being an author is I can continue to share Obi’s love through his stories. He has given me a lifetime of material. He has also given me so much more. Through Obi I have made life long friends and met people I now consider family. He may not have had the longest life, but he certainly had a full life and he made the most of it.

I know I have not done my special boy justice in this post, but I will post more about my boy and continue his stories. For now it is enough to say I will always love my special boy. Until next time – have fun (I’m sure Obi and his old mates will be!)